If rumors are to be believed, Nokia is working on a project called “Project N” that will introduce budget Smartphone in its Asha series. Codenamed as Normandy, this phone will be the first Nokia Smartphone running Android OS.

According to the leaked reports, The product code for this Asha phone is said to be RM-980. It will have a 4″ display and will come in dual-sim model with a variety of colors. below is a Purported picture leaked by evleaks.

Nokia asha running android

Looks like Nokia has finally decided to change gears and enter Android world ahead of its completion of the Microsoft deal. Considering that Nokia is yet to sell its smartphone business to Microsoft, It will be interesting to see whether it makes to the Android market ahead of the Microsoft deal.

As of now, It is still not clear whether the alleged Android phone is real or just a rumor. However, the leaked report says that Nokia has put the product on release path so it may get launched in the 1st quarter of 2014.