I recently updated my “T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2” to the latest Android version 4.0.3 “Ice cream sandwich“. Previously it was running smooth on version 2.3.6 “Gingerbread“. After updating my cell, i was just typing sms and suddenly discovered that there is no option for ‘copy‘ & ‘cut‘ in the floating menu, all i can see is paste & clipboard options. I also noticed that there is only 1 blue arrow showing-up, while in case of gingerbread when you tap on the text, 2 blue arrows show-up. I was totally confused, however i figured it out later.

To copy text in Android 4.0,  You have to long press on the word or an area of text and the 2 blue arrows will show up to select text, then there is blue selection menu on top with options for ‘copy‘, ‘cut’, etc..
How to Copy Text in Andoid 4.0 ICS

No doubt the old copy-paste interface was way better and user-friendly, The new one seems more integrated. Moreover Google doesn’t want it to look like Apples iOS interface and avoid giving them one more reason to initiate a patent lawsuit.